Here's what our clients are saying ...

“She was very insightful and wise, accepting of me and my process, creatively encouraging me to examine my feelings and attitudes and beliefs. She coached me through a major life transition: loss of health, work, home, pet, and into a new life with new possibilities and more serenity, trust and courage. You folks do such an invaluable job helping people like myself overcome huge life challenges. I just wish you could be properly funded and supported in your work.”
~ A Centre Client


“She really helped me focus on what to do for myself, to be patient and to see myself more realistically and positively. She helped me see that what was happening didn’t mean anything about me personally. The counselling helped me keep going when I just wanted to give up. She listened well but also gave me lots of great suggestions. I think you provide an absolutely fabulous service and I don’t know what I would have done without it. It SO helped me at a REALLY difficult time.”
~ A Centre Client


“After every session I felt like he gave me the right key for one of my locked doors. I have the key right now. I am able to unlock them if I really want to.”
~ A Centre Client


"Counselling gave me a weekly support with a counsellor who was very empathetic and encouraging. I became more self aware regarding value to myself and to community. My counsellor validated me and my views in surprising ways. The effects were healing and helped reaffirm wayward faith in the process of self realization. I was treated with dignity even though I could not afford to pay for sessions. Many thanks.”
~ A Centre Client


“We had some pretty important breakthroughs. He focused more on the causes of depression than the depression itself and anxiety causing depression being a huge factor. This was an epiphany for me. He guided wonderfully and gently, offered numerous insights and at the end of the day I did most of the work and he coached. Also, doing ‘homework’ from week to week was helpful to me. Out of the last 12 months of despair I’ve been in, including 60 days of hospitalization, this has been the best counselling I’ve done so far. Bravo! Well done! I’m looking forward to participating in group sessions in the spring.”
~ A Centre Client


“It has changed the way I live my life. I feel I am more aware of my emotions and not so hard on myself. I had a lot of fears and felt worried a lot. I look at my life differently. I judge myself less negatively and love myself more. It has also changed my relationships with friends and family for the better. I feel more whole and peaceful. I always felt at ease around her. She asked me questions that provoked me to think about my life without making me feel judged. She offered reading materials and resources that would help me in my growth and showed joy when I overcame an obstacle or understanding when I felt stuck. Some of the messages she shared with me I always keep with me! I had a great experience! It has truly changed the way I live my life. Thank you.”
~ A Centre Client


“It was extremely helpful in that I could express anything on my mind and have not only an educated response but a response I could relate to. His interest and openness to my ‘radical’ ideas was helpful. He could also communicate with me in an intellectual level.”
~ A Centre Client

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Balancing Rocks
There are few things in life
that bring as much joy
as the joy that comes
from assisting another
improve his or her life.
~ Richard G. Scott