What will Happen when I call?

Well to start, most people tell us that things began to feel a little better as soon as they made the call.

Call us now to book an appointment

Call us now to book an appointment

What We Offer

The Centre offers individual, couples, and group counselling to people 18 years and older in Greater Victoria.
We offer up to 10 sessions over a 14-week period of individual or couples counselling. Counselling is available days, evenings and weekends in our offices in Quadra Village.
Our volunteer counsellors are trained to work with the following life issues:

changes in status or roles

stress and anxiety management

situational depression

relationship/ communication


self esteem and assertiveness


Group counselling can be a very effective and affordable way to find the kind of information and support that you may need to make positive changes in your life. Our groups run three times each year (Fall, Winter and Spring) and include a range of focuses. Examples of the groups that we offer are :

exploring anger

shame resilience

creating happiness

building self esteem

mindfulness based practices to move through depression and anxiety

tools for building friendship: a group for men


We’ll assist you in finding the help you want.

The Centre attempts to maintain current information on many other local community and government social services.
If individuals requesting counselling can be more appropriately served elsewhere, referral information will be offered. If you are needing information for a friend or family member please call.

If you would like to research community services online go to