Volunteer Counsellor Training

Our Training Program

The Centre offers a volunteer counselling training program every year to train people to become volunteer counsellors with the Centre.

Volunteers receive approximately 160 hours of training with professional counsellors and educators over ten-months, one evening a week. In return they commit to offering the Centre 250 sessions of counselling once they graduate.

In addition to the weekly training evening, there are two weekend workshops, reading requirements and co-counselling practice. The training involves both personal growth work and the development of counselling skills in a variety of counselling approaches. Counsellors receive regular, ongoing supervision of their counselling through the Centre.

Our valued volunteers often describe the training as life changing.

The training program begins in September and ends in June each year. Eighteen people are chosen to participate from those interviewed. Applications for the training program are available annually in the Spring.

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Citizens' Training Program Application

Our application process for our 2024/25 ten-month Volunteer Counsellor Training Program that starts in the fall of 2024 - is now open. The application process closes on May 31, 2024. Please take a moment to read over the 2024/25 Training Program Q&A for answers to many questions about the program.

Trainee Testimonials